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Telimmune is a bio-analytics company founded on the premise that remote assay testing of plasma can assist the millions of people worldwide who do not live in the vicinity of a clinical laboratory.

Telimmune is pursuing seed funding to bring the medical device to market. With significant strategic advantages such as patents, world-renowned expertise, and a targeted manufacturing strategy, we are expected to experience significant growth in the coming years.


Our upcoming point-of-care analyzer will obtain quantitative data simultaneously on multiple biomarkers from a single finger stick derived drop of blood in a non-laboratory environment. The currently commercialized Telimmune Plasma Separation cards collect and stabilize a volumetric sample in minutes that is ready for analytical analysis. The technology behind the existing cards will serve as the collection basis for the point-of-care device that is in development.


Paul 1.jpg
Paul C. Dreier,

Chief Executive Officer

Fred (Ryan's Choice).jpg
Fred E. Regnier,

Chief Technology Officer

Jiri Adamec
Jiri Adamec,

Co-Founder & Technical Counsel

Tim 1.jpg
Timothy E. Woenker,

Chief Operating Officer

CEO, Partner: Paul C. Dreier, BSc., MBA 

Paul Dreier, BSc., MBA has more than two decades of experience in start-up management and product commercialization for organizations that offer software and instruments to the government and pharmaceutical sectors.  He began his career as a product development manager and chemist, ultimately working his way into international management. He has held equity positions in numerous successful exits, including the leadership of one, including:

  • Camile Products – Pharmaceutical chemistry software and instruments, sold for $10M

  • Argonaut Technologies – Pharmaceutical chemistry instruments: Sold to Biotage AB  

  • PartTec, Ltd. – Neutron detection instruments for medical, defense, and research: Sold to GE (now Baker Hughs Digital) 

Paul also started, merged, and has served as the GM for four international sales and service centers.  He successfully obtained seed capital to start a new $12M start-up division in the biochemistry instrument market. He is a founder and current Chairman of the Board for zWorks, an incubator that has raised more $26M for start-ups in Indiana, of which four experienced exits, the most recent being a $20M sale to Microsoft.

He gives back as a volunteer and board member to multiple children's charities and is an executive mentor at the Purdue Foundry, the national leader in university entrepreneurship programs. 

CTO, Partner: Fred E. Regnier, Ph.D.

Dr. Fred Regnier founded Novilytic as an analytical chemistry and plasma separation company (these technologies are now Telimmune) and served as CEO until 2020. He has co-founded five successful analytical science companies including: 

  • PerSeptive Biosystems (PBIO) – Analytical and clinical preparative tools: Sold to Applied Biosystems for $384M 

  • BG Medicine (BGMD) – Diagnostic testing for heart failure: Publicly Traded 

  • Quadraspec – Diagnostic products aimed towards the veterinary market: Sold to Antech 

  • Perfinity Bioscience – protein sample preparation for mass spectrometry analysis


Fred held the position of J.H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University. He has co-authored 300+ peer-reviewed publications in the fields of proteomics, chromatography, and metabolomics and holds nearly 50 patents in analytical and diagnostic science. He was the Chief Scientific Officer at PBIO for 3 years, directing an R&D staff of ~100.

Co-Founder & Technical Counsel:  Jiri Adamec, Ph.D.

Dr. Jiri Adamec is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in the Department of Biochemistry. He also serves as a Director of Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facilities at Redox Biology Center at UNL.  


Jiri has co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed publications and is a reviewer of science and journals. The majority of his publications focus on proteomic and metabolomic approaches to systems biology. He previously worked at the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University and was a member of their board prior to joining Telimmune.

COO & Partner: Timothy E. Woenker, BSc. 

Tim Woenker, Bsc. is a founding partner of Telimmune and maintains operational responsibility for manufacturing, and design implementation activities associated with the Telimmune Plasma Separation Cards.


As Director of Operations, and later as President of Chematics, Incorporated., Tim boasts more than 30 years of broad experience in the design and manufacture, registration, and approval of a variety of disposable Class I and II in-vitro diagnostic medical devices.  Experience includes: 


  • Manufacturing process development and process validation activities to support the development of multiple disposable IVD devices. 

  • Technical oversight, process development and validation for six different IVDs. 

  • ​Development and implementation of Quality Assurance Programs for compliance with FDA, cGMP, IVD manufacturing regulations under 21CFR Part 820 regulations for 6 individual IVD products. 

  •  Directed clinical trials to support data generation, compilation and reporting of results from performance studies for FDA 510(k) clearance of four separate in-vitro diagnostic devices. 

  • Directed ISO-13485 Registration and CE marking of multiple IVD Products. 

  • Responsible for the purchase, installation, development and operation of a 40L bioreactor process facility for the production and purification of a specific enzyme from yeast. 

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