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The Telimmune™ Plasma Separation Card is a high-precision volumetric plasma collection device for use by medical professionals. 

Unlike common blood vials and blood spot cards, it efficiently separates plasma and supplies a very accurate volumetric sample ready for analytical analysis.


Q: What is the typical profile of an individual or organization that purchases Telimmune?

A: The device was developed for scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies who need to safely collect plasma samples in areas remote to the analytical laboratory. Other industries that have shown a need for plasma separation technology include pharmaceuticals, blood banks, research universities, hospitals, diagnostic labs, global clinical trials, therapeutic drug monitoring, and more.


Q: What assays are customers utilizing these cards to detect?

A: Telimmune cards have been utilized for the detection in a variety of assays including ferritin, helicobacter pylori (gastritis), vitamin D, HIV, genetic disorders, COVID-19, homocysteine, sickle cell, warafarin, IgG antibodies, and more.


Q: How Do Telimmune Plasma Separation Cards differ from dried blood spot cards?

A: Telimmune separates plasma from the sample, which is not possible with a DBS card. The DBS card only collects whole blood, which requires extensive sample preparation prior to analysis. More importantly, Telimmune offers the benefit of precise volumetric collection. The precise plasma volume enables determination of analyte concentration, eliminates hematocrit effect while the control spot ensures that an adequate sample has been collected.

In layman’s terms – people have different amounts of red blood cells per volume, and this creates uncertainty when testing on diagnostics – Telimmune’s precise plasma volume eliminates this potential testing bias and may also make tests easier to run.

Telimmune standardizes plasma sample collection and stabilizes the plasma specimen faster than any other technique including venipuncture. This is important because metabolite concentrations change in minutes when blood is drawn.

The final advantage is that the Telimmune Separation Card is pre-punched, predefined, and can easily be removed. It is easy to just peel the disk off and drop it off wherever is needed.


Q: In what ways can this solution be cost-controlled as opposed to whole blood tube or microtube collection?

A: By combining sample collection and plasma fractionation into a single, simple step, Telimmune may greatly reduce ancillary costs associated with traditional methods for liquid plasma fractionation, refrigerated sample preservation and transport. In the laboratory, Telimmune may offer the opportunity for additional economic benefit by reducing costs associated with lab workflows for sample preparation prior to analysis.


Q: Why is Telimmune a preferred collection method in remote or offsite locations?

A: These cards were created for sampling in remote locations due to their portability and functionality in environments without a power source, as well extreme temperatures. Telimmune Plasma Separation Cards do not need refrigeration, heating, nor other restrictive storage like common venipuncture samples and the often times lower-quality materials used to make DBS cards.


Q: Are there any limitations on who can purchase this?

A: The product is intended for professional, and laboratory use only and can be purchased online via our website or through a qualified purchase order. 


Q: What countries are Telimmune cards for sale in?

A: There is no limitation on the countries that we sell into.


Q: What are the terms and conditions that come with a sale?

A: All sales are prepaid and shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.


Q: How does the process of sending these into a lab work?

A: The cards can be sent the via a standard envelope in the mail and additional postage might not be required to the low weight of the sample.


Q: Are there any actions that a user can take to ensure accurate sample collection?

A: When applying the blood sample, it is important, that neither the finger itself or application pipette touches the sample port. Additionally, it is imperative that the minimum whole-blood volume (25uL Telimmune Uno, 60 μL Telimmune Duo) to ensure volumetric plasma collection.


Q: How is a quality control sample prepared?

A: Add a known amount of standards, either applied or internal are recommended to standardize with any diagnostic methodology to freshly collected whole blood and store cold for no more than two weeks. The isotope labeled standard should differ in mass from the isotope standard added to the extraction solvent for quantification.

Q: What is the size of the collection disc?

A: The plasma collection discs are 6.4 mm (0.25inch) in diameter. This allows for a perfect fit wen using a flat-bottom 96-well plate for automated analytical process.


Q: Do the Telimmune cards work with other analytical techniques?

A: Yes, approved techniques include ELISA, PCR, QPCR, Enzymatic, Chromatographic, Mass Spectrometry, and Colorimetric.

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