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Telimmune: Who We Are and the Future of Plasma Separation

Telimmune logo

Welcome to Telimmune. We are a remote blood analysis company founded on the premise that remote assay testing of plasma can assist millions of people who do not reside near a clinical laboratory.

The flagship product of Telimmune is plasma separation cards, these volumetric collection devices preserve plasma samples for later analysis. The cards are an evolution of the Noviplex product line, originally developed by Novilytic. Both the Uno and Duo cards, differentiated by the number of plasma discs, feature several enhancements now that further improve remote sample collection and diagnostics.

The improvements mentioned above include:

· Manufacturing process updates improving RSD to ≤ 5%

· Enhanced plasma quantification (3µL versus 2.7µL)

· Competitive pricing to better serve current and future customers

· Dedicated customer service, marketing, and business development initiatives

Currently in conceptualization, the Telimmune Point-of-Care Analyzer will be a point of care system that allows remote analysis on multiple biomarkers simultaneously. This information will be derived from a single drop of blood in a non-laboratory environment. It will operate by light intensity measurements and will be targeted to medical primary care institutions whose patients are not close to a clinical laboratory. We also believe that non-remote doctors may relish the opportunity to capture real-time diagnostics at their point of care.

Our existing plasma separation technology will serve as the collection mechanism for this analyzer.

This mission, our lofty goals, and distinguished past are all reflected in our new logo and brand persona. The moon, firefly, and the light emitting from the firefly represent the light intensity measurements that will be utilized in the design of our point-of-care device. The colors used for the original Noviplex Uno and Duo cards are maintained in the Telimmune cards as well as the Telimmune logo. Lastly, the multicolored dots making up the moon represent the numerous assays that have been tested utilizing our plasma separation cards and offer a glimpse into the future testing possibilities of the new Telimmune analyzer.

To learn more and stay up to date with happenings at Telimmune please visit our LinkedIn page and fill out the contact tab on our investors page.

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