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Telimmune is a bio-analytics company that provides exceptional tools for remote blood collection and analysis.


Telimmune is currently in a prototype development stage, and we are seeking investors for the commercialization of our point of care technologies.


The company’s focus is based on the founder’s desire to help make people healthier and safer. We excel in the application of chromatography, mass spectrometry, and other analytical technologies. Our core experience in the commercialization of these technologies has resulted in:


• Advances in the Telimmune Plasma Separation Cards (formerly Noviplex)

• Patented technologies for vitamin and protein analysis

• Additional analytical methods and instruments used in the diagnosis of cancers, disease states, and viruses


Our next step is to develop and validate a highly versatile analytical platform that can be used in areas with limited infrastructure. With a focus on the quantification of comorbidity-associated biomarkers, it is our goal that the Telimmune Analyzer will deliver the high levels of accuracy, precision, and sensitivity found in complex clinical instrumentation.


It is important to note that this new analyzer is a point-of-care (POC) device for use in remote locations. It does not require the cold shipment of blood or saliva samples, nor does it require large, expensive DNA testing instruments at clinical laboratories.


The device will require the application of a small drop of blood onto the Telimmune Plasma Separation Card that is inserted into the analyzer. Within five minutes, data produced by array elements on the card will provide multiple diagnoses. The analyzer then sends the data via a local WiFi or internal hotspot to the patient's doctors or other secure data collection servers.

The need for simple, low-cost diagnostic devices that simultaneously identify and quantify multiple antigens is enormous. Clearly, the availability of such devices would greatly enhance the quality of health care.

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